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Taconic oferuje tkaniny z włókien szklanych powlekanych PTFE, samoprzylepne taśmy Tac-Tapes, tkaniny z włókien szklanych powlekanych silikonem oraz o wiele więcej, specjalnie do Twoich potrzeb.

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Nasze produkty wykorzystywane są w niezliczonej różnorodności zastosowań. Możemy również zaprojektować produkt odpowiadający Twoim szczególnym potrzebom…

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Employee Highlight: Tim Connelly - PSA Tapes Manager
22 June 2020

Taconic has long been recognized globally for its specialty coated fabrics and belting materials. Extraordinary work has also been done in building an impressive range of pressure sensitive tape products which are used in 20+ industries and demanding environments. To further support Taconic’s product, industry, and application portfolios, Tim Connelly’s role as PSA Tapes Product Manager is to focus on all things “adhesive”. In this global position, Tim works with the worldwide sales and engineering teams to introduce new materials and concepts for existing and emerging markets. When asked why Tim likes Taconic tapes so much, the answer is simple: No other materials can “check off all of these boxes”: • Chemical Resistance • Heat Resistance • Strong Release Characteristics • Food Compliance • Variable thermal insulating properties These unique and extensive properties provide opportunities to find solutions in virtually every industry, offer incredible variety, making every day a new and exciting challenge. Tim enjoys working with companies of all sizes to help find efficiencies. No industry is too small, no task is too challenging. Tim and Taconic work hard to “Find a Better Way…”


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